In 2022, a lightbulb went off. What if we built a slow fashion platform to make everyday luxury accessible, all while honoring heritage & reinterpreting styles to fit the modern silhouette?

We knew that we could pull it off….


Humble Beginnings 🙏🏽

A throwback to the 90s in India! 👧🏾

Birthday meant a new dress. Each year my parents would take me to the garment shop to choose the color & raw material. I would show a rough sketch of my design to the tailor & remembered being in awe, seeing it all come to life. Sadly, shopping centers came to town, & my yearly ritual stopped. I moved on & stopped caring about the source & production of my clothes.

Scarcity experiences growing up - concerning our buying power as a family - discouraged me a lot. I moved to the US for my master's program, cut my teeth in tech startups, & started devouring fast fashion. It all changed! In 2021, my skin broke into hives, & I had regular episodes of migraine with no prior history. My buying choices began taking a toll on my health; I was wearing hazardous waste from fast fashion brands.

I returned to my roots to finally build a company — one that proudly reclaims + celebrates South Asian heritage, modern craft, & communities. At amotha, we are building on the 'less is more' philosophy. We want consumers to invest in higher-quality, handcrafted pieces that positively impact our people and planet. We honor slow fashion principles and strive to deliver collections made to order.

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